The Dessert Pantry, 2.0


I promised more blog posts for the 2021 year but, as usual, I also added 100x more items to the To Do List. Do you find yourself continusouly adding to your own To Do List only to accomplish less and less because of it? It’s a terrible habit of mine that I am trying to reign in and control so I at least accomplish one or two things weekly rather than leave 10 incomplete projects on the kitchen counter.

So, this year has already been quite fulfilling for me and it’s because of every single person who has ever clicked on my site. Whether you just strolled through, read the blog, or purchased from the shop – you have positively impacted me! I express a heartfelt THANK YOU to every single one of you because none of this is possible without you. I do my best to engage with every person who has made the effort to reach out to me.

The shop has changed dramatically from the end of 2020 to now. I mentioned in my previous blog post how trying to find what people are looking for is challenging. What is more challenging is trying to provide products or a service that is unique. This year thus far that has been my only focus – providing unique beautiful baking products, along with tutorials or guides (both free and paid). I do my best to make the physical products and tutorials/guides go hand in hand with one another. And even if you do not purchase from the shop, the tutorials/guides will try to incoporate basic baking items that you may already have in your kitchen.

The Dessert Pantry LLC is an officially established business in the state of California now, and it really just opens up all the doors and windows for me to express myself creatively and share it with all of you. It is surreal to be able to say I am a small business owner, and I am forever humbled that I have this opportunity in my hands. This is why I do my best to provide my followers/customers that interaction, tips, advice, etc because you are helping make my dream a reality. I in turn will offer what I can to you to help you in your own baking journey.

As for what I have planned for the next few months…well, classes! Virtual classes that are pre-recorded that you can do in the comfort of your home whenever you’d like. I love a live class, but my schedule usually never allows me to attend during the live stream timeslot. So by my own preference I am opting to create pre-recorded classes for those who wish to learn from me. I feel this is better for me to you because I can really go into depth and detail about what I am trying to teach you without brain farting as I am sure I would do during a live class.

The first live class I am currently working on, and I am hoping to release right after Easter. So keep your eyes peeled! And along with the pre-recorded classes (which will require a fee to receive), I will also be offering short and FREE tutorials also accessible through the site! Ever see those hundreds of videos on Instagram doing basically the same thing? And you think, wow, this is easy peasy I want to try it…only to try it and it is a Nailed It moment? Yeah, me too. 🙁 Well the free tutorials will help give some tips on those types of videos you see consistently. I’ll slow it all down, walk you through it and hopefully it helps elevate your baking game to the next level.

Ok I have rambled enough so I will stop here. THANK YOU again for supporting me, and I appreciate you so very much for it!

Happy Baking!



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