Neon Lights

A colorful twist on a classic cookie. Soft, malty and packed with vanilla – but make it rainbow.

Popular Recipes

Birthday SMASH Cookies

Birthday parties just got an upgrade with these Birthday SMASH cookies. Part Vanilla, part chocolate, and ALL tasty so you really cannot lose with this one.


MONSTA cookies are here, and loaded with so many additional chocolate and cookies that Cookie Monster himself would be proud. Easy to make and bake, and even faster to eat, these really are the monster of all cookies.

Rainbow Butter Cookies

Rainbows and sprinkles exploding out of this delicious butter cookie. Happiness in every bite.

About Me

Hi, I’m Sharon, founder of the dessert pantry!

I am a lover of desserts, but cookies hold the tenderest part of my heart! I share all my fun and tasty recipes with you with the hopes that they will also bring a smile to your face. Click on the button below to learn more about me!

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