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  • Neon Lights
    A colorful twist on a classic cookie. Soft, malty and packed with vanilla – but make it rainbow.
  • Coffee, Chocolate & Almond Butter Cookies
    The breakfast of champions. Well, maybe not but it’s still a pretty damn good cookie to have in the morning before the boss calls.
  • Birthday SMASH

    Birthday parties just got an upgrade with these Birthday SMASH cookies. Part vanilla, part chocolate, and ALL tasty that you really can’t lose with this one.

  • MONSTA Cookie

    MONSTA cookies are here, and loaded with so many additional chocolate and cookies that Cookie Monster himself would be proud. Easy to make and bake, and even faster to eat, these really are the monster of all cookies.

  • Marbled S’mores

    Chocolate and Vanilla cookie. Dipped in chocolate and topped with toasted marshmallow fluff and crumbled graham crackers. All the flavor without the campfire.

  • Marionberry Jam & Cereal Cookies

    Browned butter, Marionberry Jam, and Cornflakes. The most delicious breakfast cookie you’ll ever have.

  • Over The Rainbow Cookies

    Sprinkles, frosting and edible cookie dough – oh my. Birthday’s never tasted so good.

  • Wannabe Oreo Sugar Cookies

    A sugar cookie mashed with an Oreo like flavor and texture. Pour your big glass of milk. These are worth every bite.

  • Lemon + Strawberry Sugar Cookies

    This recipe only utilizes the freshest ingredients (no artificial extracts!) so it provides only a deliciously soft zesty cookie. It does have a slight spread which trust me when I say it is entirely worth it.

  • Chocolate + Peppermint Sugar Cookies

    Delicious chocolate combined with subtle Peppermint flavor, and all rolled together to create the perfect holiday roll out cookie recipe.

  • Apple Pie Crumble

    Do you love apple pies, and cookies? Then this recipe is for you.

  • Browned Butter Snickerdoodles

    Brown butter paired with the tangy flavor of classic Snickerdoodles, this roll out recipe is perfect for the holiday season!

  • Browned Butter S’mores
    Nutty tones with the added richness of semi-sweet chocolate morsels, along with a warm marshmallow hidden inside – it’s the campfire perk without the smoke.
  • Black Magic Chocolate Espresso Recipe

    Halloween is here, and it’s easier than ever to make some black chocolate cookies that will wow everyone who takes a bite.

  • Brown Butter & Apple Cinnamon Sugar Cookies
    Brown butter combined with apples and cinnamon to truly bring your taste buds into the Fall season
  • Birthday Cake Sugar Cookies

    Birthdays & Sprinkles naturally go together, so why not bake yourself some delicious and colorful cookies to enjoy on your birthday? Unbirthdays welcome too.

  • Black Magic Chocolate Espresso Sugar Cookie Recipe

    Black Cocoa help bring out the delicious taste of chocolate & provide the deep color without the added food coloring.

  • Blueberry Lemon Sugar Cookies

    Combine the delicious flavors of blueberries & lemon into this cookie that is so beautifully soft it will melt in your mouth.

  • Vanilla Sugar Cookie Recipe

    Vanilla sugar cookie recipe with a rainbow royal icing. Happiness in every bite.

  • Strawberry Sugar Cookie Recipe

    This recipe is bursting with fresh strawberry flavor in every bite. Bake them tonight, eat them tonight. They are that good.

  • Creating Neapolitan Sugar Cookies

    A DIY guide to help you create your own Neapolitan sugar cookies.

  • Rainbow Butter Cookies

    Rainbows and Sprinkles exploding out of this delicious butter cookie. Happiness in every bite.

  • The Dessert Pantry, 2.0

    The Dessert Pantry, 2.0

  • Good bye, 2020.

    Reflections on 2020.