Creating Neapolitan Sugar Cookies

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Summer is upon us here in Southern California, and when summer comes we all know what that means…ice cream!! My favorite ice cream is actually Cookies ‘N Cream, and while I do have a few idea in mind on how to create some fun with that flavor, I really wanted to focus on Neapolitan. This is a fun recipe to create with kids too! I would recommend them to wear an apron so you have less dirty clothes to wash! Hedley & Bennett have children’s aprons that are sooo adorable, and I highly recommend you check them out!! (Plus you get a discount by using DESSERTPANTRY code so why not?)

A few years ago I created visual Neapolitan sugar cookies. By that I mean I did use another blogger’s chocolate sugar cookie recipe, and then I colored the ‘strawberry’ flavor with pink food gel colors and left the vanilla as is. It was a fun visual cookie to see, but the flavors themselves could have been better.

Fast forward a few years later and here I am ready to share this DIY and recipe so that you can create your own Neapolitan sugar cookies. I have been challenging myself for the last 7 months to understand the science behind baking, and thus be able to begin developing some of my own recipes. So far I have only ventured slowly into the cookie arena of recipe development, but I do hope that over the next few years I can really push those boundaries to many other desserts.

In the meantime, I am here to share the DIY steps on how to create these Neapolitan Sugar Cookies. To begin, you will need all three flavors chilled and ready for baking. The recipes you can find on the Blog. I would have the dough rolled out just slightly taller than you would normally have (ie: if you usually size your dough 1/4” high, then roll to 3/8”).

You will also need:

Let’s begin!

Step 1: Have an extra piece of parchment to the side. This is where you will place the strips of cookie dough as you work. So keep it close so you do not have to carry the strips of dough very far. Beginning with whichever flavor you’d like, use your exacto knife to cut a 1” width strip of dough. Once cut, pick up and place on the extra piece of parchment.

Step 2: Moving onto the next flavor, using your exacto knife you will cut a 1” width strip. Pick up and place right up against the other strip of dough you had just cut. Repeat this same step with the last flavor.

The idea is that you lay the different flavor doughs right next to one another because you will roll the dough out slightly so that it allows them to adhere to one another. You can also cut the strips smaller (1/2” or so) if you plan to use smaller cookie cutters but still want all 3 flavors in each cookie.

Step 3: Once you have cut all the strips and laid them closely next to one another, you will then take a piece of parchment paper and lay on top of the dough. Take your rolling pin and roll over dough until it is adhered well against each other.

Step 4: Cut out your desired shapes using your cookie cutters. You will want to try and maneuver the cuts as best as you can so that you utilize the dough to its maximum potential. This is because the extra dough you have you will roll back together and ‘marble’.

Step 5: Place your shapes on a baking sheet. Preheat oven to 375 F, and then bake for 11 to 12 minutes. (Your bake time will vary depending on the thickness of the cookie. Watch for light browning along edges – this will help you know when it’s ready!).

Step 6: Remove from oven and place on wire rack to cool. Once cool, decorate and enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this sweet and fun tutorial! If you do recreate these, please tag me on Instagram or Facebook so that I can see and share your cookies.

Thank you!

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