hi and welcome to my sweet side of the world. here I share all things dessert that I create for fun in my kitchen.

the dessert pantry is here so I can share recipes I create with you, help inspire creative and colorful desserts for you, and to also connect with all dessert lovers from around the world. creating colorful and tasty desserts is a fun hobby that I want to share with all of you.

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Fall & Halloween Inspired Recipes

Double Chocolate Sugar Cookie

Double chocolate is not for the faint of heart. A dark chocolate cookie perfect for those Halloween designs you’ve been eyeing on Instagram and Pinterest. Easy to make, even easier to eat.

Mexican Cinnamon Cookies

Mexican vanilla and cinnamon on the inside, cinnamon and sugar on the outside. This cookie is soft and packed with flavor, and is one of my favorite Mexican cookies.

Monster Mash Cookies

This cookie is made for the chocolate lovers. Two types of cocoa powders wrap up two types of chocolate morsels, and then the outside is coated in m&m’s. Inspired by Gideon’s Bakehouse, this is quite a monster mash of deliciousness.

Frankenstein Cookies

Half chocolate, half vanilla – but with a hidden peanut butter cup stuffed inside. This partly black, partly electric green cookie gives off serious Frankenstein vibes.

Brown Butter & Apple Cinnamon Sugar Cookies

Our favorite fall flavors are here – Apples and Cinnamon. Oh, and don’t forget the browned butter. This cookie has a browned butter base, and is exploding with apple and a hint of cinnamon in every bite.

Apple Pie Cookies

If you love apples and apple pie, then this cookie is just for you. A brown butter and cinnamon base cookie with a delicious apple pie filling in the middle, and then topped with a crumb streusel. Warm it up to discover a delicious cookie that tastes just like apple pie.

Not Ready To Leave Summer Behind Yet?

Make yourself one of these colorful but tasty recipes to enjoy before summer leaves us behind.

  • Rainbow Butter Cookies

    Rainbows and Sprinkles exploding out of this delicious butter cookie. Happiness in every bite.

  • Birthday Cake Sugar Cookies

    Birthdays & Sprinkles naturally go together, so why not bake yourself some delicious and colorful cookies to enjoy on your birthday? Unbirthdays welcome too.

  • Over The Rainbow Cookies

    Sprinkles, frosting and edible cookie dough – oh my. Birthday’s never tasted so good.

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